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Our Scope of Services

Below is a list of of our Scope of Services. We are able to provide these services to our clients as we determine needs and develop an Individualized Care Plan.

Friends Enjoying in Park

Community Integration and Socialization

Clearwater Assisted Living, LLC staff will continuously encourage members to participate in activities they enjoy and will empower them by accompanying the client out in the community and participating in the activities with them, whether that is seeing a movie, going to the mall, getting exercise at the YMCA, checking out a new park, going fishing, or even shooting some hoops. We believe it is imperative to actively engage our clients in activities they love and to be there by their side when they venture out to try something new.

Cleaning a Stove

Daily Living Skills & Activities

Clearwater Assisted Living, LLC is committed to the long-term health and success of our clients; That is why we go to great lengths to ensure that our clients daily living skills are constantly activated and developed to further promote their independence. Daily living skills consist of basic activities that are essential to living a healthy and independent life, such as: washing dishes, washing laundry, sweeping, vacuuming, cues and prompts for showering, organizing spaces, budget planning, meal prep assistance, grocery shopping, scheduling medical appointments, and more.

Support Group

Emotional Support

Our staff will offer emotional support to our clients consisting of general conversation, company, and companionship. Our staff will work diligently to build a reputable and trusting relationship with our clients to ensure that clients feel safe and comfortable to work on goals. We understand that some clients may feel vulnerable with assistive services and our staff understand the importance of patience and empathy.


Personal Care Services

Clearwater Assisted Living provides personal care services to clients in need. We have trained direct support staff that are able to provide a wide variety of care. If our staff don't currently have training on specific personal cares, we are able to learn! These personal cares include, but are not limited to showering, bathing, toileting, lifts, catheters, colostomy bags, range of motion, monitoring blood pressure/blood sugar levels, grooming, and more!



Our clients will be encouraged to participate in numerous unique activities in the Eau Claire and surrounding areas. Clearwater Assisted Living, LLC will support clients with safe and reliable transportation while within our active times of services. This includes transportation to medical appointments, grocery shopping, basic errands, work, and much more. It is our goal that with safe and adequate transportation, we can empower our clients to get out in the community more regularly and have a direct exposure to real world experiences.

Daily Pills

Medication Administration/Reminders

Clearwater Assisted Living, LLC staff will provide medication reminders consisting of verbal prompts and cues to clients who are identified as being at risk of not taking their medications as ordered by their medical doctors. These medication reminders can also be implemented in the care plan of any client, regardless of compliance concerns, if the member or Inclusa team decides. We will also provide medication administration when necessary for clients in our program.

Man on Mobile Phone

24/7 On-Call Support

Clearwater Assisted Living, LLC is 100% committed to the safety and well-being of our valued clients. To ensure our clients have constant peace of mind, no matter the time of day or day of the week, we offer 24/7 on-call emergency support services to provide an additional level of care to our clients. If a client is experiencing a medical emergency or police intervention, they can call an owner of Clearwater Assisted Living to assist them with their emergency, and provide them with extra comfort.

Adult Family Home Care

Long-Term Care Options

Clearwater Assisted Living currently offers 1-2 bed Adult Family Homes as a long-term care option. Our Adult Family Homes offer supportive, individualized care that prioritizes a healthy and sustainable living environment for our residents. Our goal is to provide a home with knowledgeable staff and compatible residents to promote a positive long-term care experience. 

We look forward to working with you!

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